About Cahill Plumbing & Heating, Inc: A Different Service, Testimonials, and Meet the Staff


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So, let me guess… you’re tired of the “run around” with your old plumber, right? Leaving voice-mails and hoping they get back to you simply isn’t cutting it anymore. After all, don’t you hire a plumbing service to make your life easier?

People are talking about us. We’ve done away with the seemingly mandatory rule that all plumbing companies must send their calls straight to voicemail. Customer testimonials mention our year-round training, certifications in the latest technology, and clean, professional installations (we proudly consider ourselves plumbing “nerds”). And of course, someone is here 24 hours a day to take your call!

Real Customer Testimonials for Cahill Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Cahill Plumbing & Heating of Westborough, Ma

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 Meet the Staff

Jack Cahill | John Cahill Plumber

John Cahill

Owner, John Cahill, has been a licensed plumber for over 40 years. He takes pride in his company’s growth over the years.

“I attribute it to making our customers first! With the internet really taking over the marketing scene lately, it’s important for us to make changes and grow with these changes, but never forget that the customers of Cahill Plumbing & Heating are why we do this.”

– John

Judy Rogers

Judy Rogers

On the phones and dispatching, Judy Rogers is one of our most essential employees. Most customers end up being great friends with her, as she’s always on our phones ready to take your call. If things are busy and you’ve got an emergency, she can often talk you through a temporary solution to keep things under control until your plumber can get there.

“I love meeting new customers and chatting with the old. I never get tired of hearing from all our customers, after all, they’ve helped us grow to where we are today.”

– Judy