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Plumbing Service: Where is it?

Most customers are aware of the dark cloud cast over the plumbing service industry. From con-artists to the infamous plumber’s crack you are forced to watch while eating your morning breakfast (a harsh punishment you must deal with to unclog the kitchen sink), poor service and high prices have long been accepted as the norm. It’s […]

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Every Customer Deserves A Thank You

Last week’s company meeting was amazing. I started with the simple question, “What can we do to let our customers know that we aren’t confined by the same rules the average plumbing company is stopped by?” In other words, we don’t have to be like every other plumbing service out there. What do our customers’ deserve? […]

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5 Major Factors For Hiring Your Next Plumber

We answered the tough questions for customers. What do you need to consider when finding your next contractor? It’s all here in our guest blog post. Check it out here!

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Water Softener Installations and Possible Dangers

  During a visit to a client’s new home, we were asked if we could “quickly” install their water softener/house filter unit. The homeowner told me they had a plumber come into their old home and remove the unit so that they could continue using it in their new home. I’m glad this subject came […]

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Quality Plumber: Protect Your Floors

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Is your old plumber really the quality plumber you’ve been looking for? A quality plumber is hired to perform exactly what is in the name, a “quality service”. Creating new problems for the homeowner, such as tracking mud through their house, is not a service. Even so, it is surprising to see the amount of […]

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