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Proud Veterans, Jack Cahill, and his father at the Memorial Day Parade in Hopkinton, Ma.

From the start of the Boston Marathon, to our Hopkinton Little League team, this town makes us proud to be Hopkinton plumbers!

Our owner, John Cahill, grew up right here in town. He still visits and stops by his childhood home to have a cup of coffee with his father every weekend. Both served honorably in the military, and sitting in the Veterans’ section at the start of the Marathon each year is a thrill for the both of them.

The memories of living on C Street in Hopkinton are what make us so proud to base our plumbing and heating company here. We’ve gone through a lot of changes over the last 40 years, but Hopkinton has never left us!

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Helping Hopkinton Ma

Every year we try to do something special for a Hopkinton citizen in need (especially around the holidays). This year we were fortunate enough to gain an amazing customer.

She had recently bought a “new to her” home and was enjoying the beautiful wooded surroundings. During the holiday season, some unexpected financial burdens and family losses came all at once.

The Hopkinton plumbing inspector recommended her hot water system be completely re-vented through the side of her house and up over the roof (the old plumbing system was deemed unsafe). Knowing that this was just too much for her to bare, John Cahill and Ross Pickett were happy to give a great gift this season. They installed the system at no cost. We’re not a big corporation, only a small family company, but we try to do our part for the town in any way we can afford.

The community here is a close one and we like to think we’re woven into the fabric of Hopkinton history. Call us today for any of your Hopkinton plumbing and heating needs.

We ALWAYS answer our phone. You’ll quickly find how we have become the trusted Hopkinton plumber.

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