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Shrewsbury Plumber | 508-366-9220 | Cahill Plumbing & Heating, Inc.From their AMAZING library, to watching little league at Dean Park, Shrewsbury is an important town to us. After all, we’ve been installing plumbing and heating in Shrewsbury, Ma for over 40 years. Our co-owner, Ross, still remembers playing little league there himself. Buying a hot dog at the old stand was a treat as kid, and soon his son will be playing there too. That’s why we love Shrewsbury, we have so many memories and so many great loyal customers from our town!

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This winter has dealt us a serious cold snap. We’ve had customers all over Shrewsbury with frozen pipes. It’s been a major problem that can cause serious damage to homes. In some cases, homeowners have decided to upgrade and rebuild their heating systems to prevent the risks of a leaking heating system (mold abatement, floor damage, etc.) due to frozen pipes or their old boiler dying out.

We are the Shrewsbury plumbers that specialize in dealing with older homes, preserving their historic value, and creating an entirely new, highly efficient heating system. These types of heating set ups can easily save our customers 30% on their heating bills!


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